About Us

DataSafe Applications is driven by experienced financial services people. It is a unique web-based go anywhere front-end system that is flexible, easy to use and cost effective.

DataSafe is a tracking and reporting system that converts your office into a paperless environment. It can be used anywhere there is internet available. Integrated with tablets and laptop computer software, DataSafe is your personal & mobile lending solution.

With 16 years in lending, the team decided it was time the industry had the tools to release them from their desks and filing cabinets to be more compliant, flexible and effective in their businesses by using software driven ‘application services’ to deliver the fast and secure business tools required to place themselves back in control of their business future.

Until now there has not been a suitable job specific software package that handles front-end loan management. All financial services businesses are dealing with the pressure of ever decreasing margins and increasing costs due to regulation or ever-increasing competition. DataSafe is the solution that many lenders have been looking for.

DataSafe controls all front-end paperwork and stores your client details in the most secure environment available, ‘Blockchain’. You are only a click away from complete control of your own unique dashboard where you interconnect with your clients, your administration and the internet through a series of simple drop-down menus. And this is just the start.

From the administration area you have access to all your clients and your operators. SMS activities, Notices, Email, RSS feeds, Import and Export tools, API’s, Logs and your account details all in one.


We can supply secure access to the outside world with unique web-search facilities specific to us and related only to the financial services industry, from storage to browsing we can offer the latest technology for your data’s security.

Everything in DataSafe is switchable. You can personalise your dashboard with your own logo and branding, allow 8 levels of qualified users and limited access to trainees and restricted areas. You can track the use of the software with internal reporting, and you can allow your clients to see their own accounts or allow them to request further funding via the internal communication systems.

DataSafe is a window to a better, faster and efficient way of doing business in the small to medium financial services sector.